2021 Volkswagen Atlas vs 2021 Honda Pilot

2021 Volkswagen Atlas vs 2021 Honda Pilot comparison image

The model year 2021 is getting off to an energetic start with multiple automakers revealing models early and many of those models being SUVs to match the world’s hunger for crossovers and larger SUVs. Both Volkswagen and Honda chose to release 3-row SUVs early in the 2021 model year. For Volkswagen, this meant the 2021 Volkswagen Atlas, and for Honda, this meant the 2021 Honda Pilot.

Since both vehicles have the seats to accommodate at least 7 passengers, a comparison between the two can’t really come down to size. The features inside the vehicles themselves are far more important. Mechanical specifications, safety equipment, and other technology are what make the difference between a great 3-row SUV and another people-carrier. The chart below compares some of the most important aspects of each vehicle.

2021 Volkswagen Atlas


2021 Honda Pilot

2 Engine Options 1
266 lb-ft Maximum Torque 262 lb-ft
Fender® Brand Speakers Premium Sound System Custom Speaker System
Front, Side, and Rear Cameras Navigational Cameras Rear Camera

Comparison Analysis

Because of the smaller engine option available on the 2021 Volkswagen Atlas, it is easier for first-time buyers and budget buyers to get into the Atlas than the Pilot. When pitting the two V6 engines against one another, however, they end up being similar enough to where there is no clear advantage mechanically. The Fender® branded sound system is one of the best car audio systems on the market and is available alongside high-tech safety technology like multiple camera angles for parking and backing up. The Atlas delivers features in ways the Pilot doesn’t.

Other Features Available on the 2021 Volkswagen Atlas

  • Three-zone Climate Control with Rear Ventilation Ducts
  • 174.3 Cubic Inches of Interior Volume
  • 10 Exterior Color Options
  • Rearview Mirror with Homelink®
  • Heated Steering Wheel
  • Adaptive Cruise Control
  • Keyless Ignition
  • And More!