Tire Replacement Identifiers

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When should I replace my tires? 

Car owners often forget to care for their car’s tires, which leads to wear and tear of their tires along with the many other factors mentioned here. It is vital to check the tread depth of your tires at regular intervals to ensure that you have sufficient time to plan their replacement. Join us at McMinnville Volkswagen in McMinnville, OR, as we point out indicators you should look out for to know when to replace your tires. Continue reading for more information.  

Test your Tire’s Tread Wear using a Coin 

You will need a single penny for this test. All you must do is place the penny head down in the tread gap with its face turned towards you and check to see if the president’s head is visible to you or not. If the head is completely visible, you are way past the safe zone and should immediately replace your tires.  

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The recommended tread depth for your tire would be mentioned in your owner’s manual, and maintaining the same would ensure that you care for your tires and are aware of the time frame within which they should be replaced.  

Image of a penny test being carried out
Image of a worn out tire

You could always look for the obvious indicators like a bulge or a crack in the tire, or uneven wear and tear would lead to a flat tire requiring immediate replacement.  

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Tire experts say that you need to change your tires only once in six to ten years from their manufacturing date, but this would also depend on the terrain you drive on and the kind of driver you are. If you are a rash driver with constant braking, your tire will wear out faster than the stipulated time, which would mean that you would be required to replace your tires even earlier.  

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