What Should I Do to Prepare My Car for Summer?

By Product Expert | Posted in Service, Tips and Tricks, Volkswagen on Monday, June 8th, 2020 at 7:00 pm
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Summer is once again right around the corner. It’s already hot enough, but it’s just going to get hotter, so make sure you have your car ready for the heat. Everyone prepares for summer a little differently but read on here for a few pieces of general advice that can help keep your car in prime condition during extreme temperatures. 

Should I Get an Oil Change Before Summer? 

If you live in an area where the temperature changes dramatically between March and July, you should get an oil change before it gets too hot. Aside from the obvious benefits of getting your vehicle’s oil changed regularly, a timely oil change before you start driving in hotter weather means you can get the best oil formula for the change in temperature. Your car may run better with a different viscosity during the summer than the oil you may have put in during colder seasons.  

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How Important is it to Wash My Car Before Summer? 

Most people already know, but it can be easy to forget after a few spring showers of rain that your car should get a comprehensive wash before the hot weather sets in. Early spring rains may help your car look fresh again, but if you take your car in to get it tuned up, you can often get a car wash as part of it. Get an undercarriage wash if you can, to clean off salt, dirt, and other debris that may cause rust if it sits there for a long time. At least once before the summer, you should wash and wax your car for optimal protection against sun damage. 

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What Accessories Should I Buy for My Car Before Summer? 

There are a few simple purchases you can make to keep your car in good condition throughout the summer. Sunshades are a great way to prevent sun damage to your car’s interior. Your dashboard, seats, and other parts deteriorate over time with enough sun exposure, and reflective or darkening window screens can help.  

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Summer is also a good time to keep an air freshener in your car. If your car gets hot in the sun, it can often wake up some bad smells, and until you can find them and clean them out, you can fight the bad smells off with good smells. Vent clips and moisture-absorbing silica-based air fresheners are great for summer. 

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