What are the Worst Foods to Eat in the Car?

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You should avoid eating in a new car as long as you possibly can. There’s something special about a new car that is unlike anything else. That clean smell, the soft thud the doors make when they shut, and of course, how pristine everything is. But, eventually, it happens; you get hungry and chow down while you’re in transit because you don’t have the time to eat elsewhere. Simple crumbs from a sandwich are easy to clean, but some things are much more difficult to get rid of. Watch out for the worst foods to eat in your car!

The Worst Sandwich to Eat in a Car

While a simple meat-and-cheese sandwich is easy to manage, be careful with the mustard. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches straddle a line between best and worst sandwich to eat while in a car. If you spill any of that jelly, the sticky mess could be a car cleaning nightmare. The worst sandwich to eat in a car is probably the meatball sub. Since the meatball sub relies on stain-ready tomato sauce for its signature flavor, it is bound to drain out one end while you’re eating.

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Is There a Way to Eat Soup While in a Car?

Even if you have both hands totally free, and you’re in a car with the smoothest ride you’ve ever felt, soup is almost never possible to eat in a car. Stews, chilis, ramen and other types of soups are big messes waiting to happen. Even if you get a thermos and a drinkable soup, you are only one mishap away from spilling your liquid meal into your seat, onto your floor mat, or elsewhere.

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What Foods are Best to Eat in the Car?

If you can avoid the temptation to eat sloppy foods, try simple handheld foods that are more gravity friendly. Instead of sandwiches, try wraps. If you get the craving for tacos while in the car, go for burritos instead. Expand your horizons by trying out more raw vegetables and fruits that don’t get anything wet or sticky if they all out of your hands. Lots of fried foods like egg rolls, corn dogs, and taquitos are perfect travel foods.

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