Is it okay to leave food in my vehicle during the winter?

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Food safety tips for the winter 

Winter is coming which means in comes the cold. Sometimes we want to take advantage of this by leaving our leftover food from dining out or groceries in our vehicles. Is this okay to do? We want to clear up whether or not this is a good idea to leave your food in your vehicle during the winter or not. 

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Type of food 

There are many factors on whether or not it will be okay to leave food in your vehicles. One main component is the type of food or beverage. The majority of refrigerated food should be kept between 34-39° F. Frozen foods should be kept around the 0° mark. When it comes to beverages, they have different freezing points. To keep soda from exploding, they should be kept around 30°F.  

Duration of time left inside your vehicle 

Leaving your food or drinks in your car for a few hours while you run other errands is fine to do. One thing you need to do though is keeping an eye out on the forecast. Temperature spikes and drops can end up spoiling your food faster. Poor storage can lead to food poisoning, so always leave your food in your vehicle with an err of caution. One thing to keep in mind is that your vehicle and garage will likely up to 10° warmer than outside. 

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