How to Make your Car Last as Long as Possible

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Buying a vehicle is a big investment. Even if you’re just buying a used subcompact hatchback so you can get around, there is a lot you can do to make sure that investment pays off over time by putting a little more effort into maintenance. Continue reading for some advice on how you can keep your car running as long as possible.

4 Reasons a Car Overheats

Change your Car’s Oil Regularly

If you never change your car’s oil, you will regret it. Fresh, clean oil makes all your car’s most vital components last longer. Learn to change your own oil or get used to scheduling oil changes with the service department at McMinnville Volkswagen. Your car’s oil should be changed every 6 months or 6,000 miles, whichever comes first. It may be inconvenient right now, but it could mean years on or off your car’s overall lifespan.

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Wash your Car Regularly

A comprehensive wash, including the underside of your car, could help prevent corrosion on important car parts you don’t usually see. Regular washes keep dirt, dust, and other debris off your vehicle. If you can wax your car as well, that added layer of protection can slow the spread of rust or prevent it from starting.

man vacuuming back of car with attachment to hose
man using vacuum and duster to clean inside of car

Check all your Fluids Every Oil Change

Fluids like coolant are essential to a car’s health. Coolant pulls heat away from your engine, helping prevent heat-related damage and wear. Keeping other fluids at the right levels helps as well. Putting a little money into keeping your car in good shape now gives you more opportunities to save up for your next car when the time comes.

Keep the Inside of your Car Clean

It may not sound like that big of a deal, but a clean car lasts longer. You might not think it would change anything but keeping the inside of your car clean helps your car’s lifespan. It won’t prevent breakdowns, but the effort you put into tidying up can help you notice when something needs repairs soon. The more you care for your car, the more you will care about it, so always remember to keep it clean inside.

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