How Do I Clean my Car’s Infotainment Screen?

By Product Expert | Posted in Technology, Tips and Tricks on Friday, January 8th, 2021 at 8:44 pm
man in jean jacket wiping infotainment screen with blue rag

Cleaning the inside of your car is rarely anyone’s favorite thing to do, but sometimes you just have to do it. If you have ever looked at your touchscreen and thought it needs a good cleaning, but you weren’t sure how to do it, here’s a post dedicated to getting your touchscreen clean safely so you don’t have to worry about those awful smudges and fingerprints anymore.

Clean your Car’s Interior with Microfiber Cloth and a Vacuum

Cars get dusty, they just do. Bring a hand vacuum or a vacuum with a hose to your car and dust off the entire dashboard and lightly wipe the dust off your touchscreen with a microfiber towel. Use the vacuum to suck up as much dust out of the air as possible, but don’t touch it to your screen. You want to avoid dragging dust across the surface of your touchscreen to prevent scratches.

stack of colorful microfiber cloths in white background

finger about to touch apple carplay display on car screen

Wipe your Touchscreen with Microfiber Cloth and Clean Water

For best results, use a light spray of distilled water, spray it on your microfiber cloth first, then wipe your screen side-to-side OR up-and-down. Don’t wipe in circles and don’t use anything but microfiber. If you own a car you should have microfiber rags for all your car cleaning needs.

If Necessary, Use a Stronger Solution

If your screen is exceptionally greasy or if soda splatter or other deposits have formed on your screen, mix a little bit of distilled white household vinegar into your water (no more than half vinegar to water). The acidity of vinegar can break down the sugars, grease, and protein of whatever you need to clean, making it easy to wipe off.

Don’t spray your screen directly, only your cloth should get sprayed first! Don’t push too hard or try to pick stuck-on debris off with your fingernail because you will probably end up damaging the touchscreen. Clean off your screen regularly to prevent it from getting really dirty all at once, and you will notice a big difference.

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