3 Tips for Vacuuming Out a Car

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hand holding vacuum cleaning leather car seat

Everyone loves to drive a clean car, but that doesn’t mean everyone keeps their car clean. If you have problems keeping your car clean or haven’t been able to keep up with it, here is some advice you can use to help you vacuum your car. Some of this advice requires equipment, and some are just helpful things to remember. Continue reading below for 3 tips for vacuuming out your car.

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Use a Powerful Vacuum to Pick Up Heavy Debris

This first tip recommends that you use a powerful vacuum because dirt and debris in your car can be too heavy for light duty vacuums to pick up. Hand vacuums can be a nice way to do regular pickup, but a wet/dry vacuum with a strong motor will pull gravel out when others fail. If you use a car wash vacuum system, be sure there are no holes in your hose that could be diminishing your overall suction.

man vacuuming back of car with attachment to hose
man using vacuum and duster to clean inside of car

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Use a Vacuum with Precision Cleaning Attachments

All those parts that come with a powerful vacuum are there for a reason. Wedge tips, pointed tips, and brush tips are all designed to clean in certain ways. Use a wedge tip to suck up dirt or sand from corners, under seats, and other parts where you need more control. The pointed tips are great for getting everything out of tight corners and other crevices, but the concentrated suction will probably cause it to get stuck on fabric. Use a brush tip to get fine dust out of fabrics. The brushes should release the dirt into the air for easier pickup.

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Move your Car Seats to Get Everything Clean

Moving your car seats is the only way to get everything. Slide all sliding seats as far forward as you can, and clean everything behind them, then move them all back as far as possible, and clean in front of them. Be sure to take the floor mats out of your car too and clean them separately. Always vacuum from top to bottom so you work with gravity while you clean, instead of against it.

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