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Places to Go for Halloween in 2021 in McMinnville, OR

Friday, October 22nd, 2021
Graphical description of the spirit of Halloween with witches marching forward

Where Can You Go to Celebrate Halloween in McMinnville?

Halloween, one of the most interesting and loved holidays, is almost here. You better get your costumes and candies ready and make plans for the night. You could spend a night with your friends and family making delicious sweet treats or head out to the events organized near you. There is no shortage of fun activities to indulge yourself in on Halloween. Having said that, read this entry to find out where you can go to celebrate Halloween in McMinnville this year. Also, check our inventory for the latest Volkswagen models at Mac Volkswagen in McMinnville, OR.


Learn All about Winter Tires and All-Season Tires

Monday, October 18th, 2021
Close up image of a set of tires

Should You Go for Winter Tires or All-Season Tires?

For people who do not know much about automobiles and their different parts, the distinction between different kinds of tires might be a non-issue. However, if there is one thing that people must know before getting their hands on a car for the first time, it is that tires are incredibly important. The kind of tires you have on your vehicle contributes significantly to the car’s performance. That said, read this entry to know if you should go for winter tires or all-season tires. Both kinds have unique features that you might want to know about before purchasing a car. In any case, look through our inventory at Mac Volkswagen in McMinnville, OR, and drive home the Volkswagen of your choice once you are enlightened about tires.


What do You Know About the 2022 Volkswagen Golf R?

Wednesday, October 13th, 2021
2022 Volkswagen Golf R parked on a plain surface

2022 Volkswagen Golf R Overview 

The 2022 Volkswagen Golf R is practical and fun. It has a stunning exterior and interior. Inside the vehicle, there is a spacious cabin and a lot of advanced features. It has a thick-rimmed steering wheel along with touch-sensitive controls. At Mac Volkswagen in McMinnville, OR, we will give you all the 2022 Volkswagen Golf R information.


All About Installing a Child Safety Seat in Your Car

Tuesday, October 5th, 2021
An infant sleeping peacefully in the child safety seat of a car

How to Install a Child Safety Seat in Your Car?

You could take all the necessary precautions and ace that driving test yet run into an unforeseen and uncalled for situation with your car. More often than not, roads are perilous, and car accidents could be inevitable. As such, the stress only exacerbates when you have a child traveling with you in the car. Therefore, it is essential to install child safety seats as part of your precautions while driving. If you have been wondering how to install a child safety seat in your car, this might be the right read. That said, read the rest of the entry and browse through our inventory at Mac Volkswagen in McMinnville, OR.